A Guide on Siamese Cat Colors and Characteristics

Siamese cat colors

The Siamese breed is one of the most stunning cat breeds with unusual coat colors. The variations on their coats increase their visual appeal. Siamese cats have “points” which are darker parts of the coat. Here are the most common Siamese cat colors and characteristics:

Seal Point

Siamese cat colors

This is the first type of Siamese cat that comes to people’s mind when thinking of the color of a Siamese cat. Seal point cats are known by their dark seal-brown points, a dark brown nose and paw pads with a creamy-colored body.  The Siamese seal point cats are said to have the darkest body color. According to genetics, the Siamese cats are originally black cats but due to genes, they gained new colors on their points.

Blue Point

The Blue Point Siamese cat color has slate blue points known as “dilute seal color”. Their body is bluish-white, it is a cold color that would disappear on the stomach and chest. As the cat grows old, the color of the coat becomes darker.

Chocolate Point

The body color of the Siamese chocolate point cat is creamy. They have chocolate-colored points and a chocolate-colored nose and paw pads. Their bodies should be white without any shadings due to their lack of shading. As a result, this leads to a contrast between their bodies and points.

Lilac Point

The Lilac Point Siamese cat has frosty gray points, that is why this breed is also called “Frost Point”. The color of the coat is white without any shadings, in fact, it has the palest color of points ever. As these cats grow old, the color remains light and the paw pads and nose are pink.

Cream Point

They were originally bred as a hybrid between Siamese and Abys breeds. They are known for their creamy points and white cream body color. They have extremely light points, paw pads, and noses.

Red Point

This Siamese cat was bred by a hybrid of red tabby and tortoiseshell. It is characterized by a light reddish point with a pink nose and paw pads.

Tortie Point

The Tortie cats are a mix of black and red color cats, they were bred the same way the Red Point Siamese was bred.

Lynx Point

The Siamese Lynx Point cat was bred as a hybrid of tabby cat and seal point. These cats have stripped points, and they include cats of almost all colors.

Caramel Point

These cats have paler-colored legs with brownish points. While their nose, paw pads are in pinkish gray.

Apricot Points

These cats are famous for having pale legs and feet and hot cream-colored points. Their body coat is creamy white, and they have pinkish paw pads and nose.

The Bottom Line

When receiving the needed amount of time, attention and love, Siamese cats are extremely easy to care for. They do not require a lot of maintenance, however, in order to keep them active and entertained you need to walk them frequently.

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