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Lenny  @lenny_the_siamese

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If one change in the body cells can make a lot of modifications on the look, then how about this?

An apricot is a cream that has at least one set of the dilute modifier gene which modifies the cream into apricot.

The feet and legs are paler in color. They have a hot cream colored point with a shot metallic sheen to it. These points tend to be pale when they are still kittens and start to get obvious as they age. The ears, paw pads, nose, and lips would have certain freckles. The beautiful body coat color is warm creamy white, and if any shading does exist then it would be tone to the points. The paw pads, eye rims, and nose leather are pinkish.

Type: Apricot Point Siamese

Age: Adult

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Color: Apricot creamy

Birthday: July 28, 2015

As their name represents, Siamese cats originated from felines born in Siam in Thailand. No one can really know how they made it to the American lands during the 19th century. Luckily, the lovely breed has made its way to the country to become one of the most favorite cat breeds.

 A Thai manuscript called the Tamra Maew shows a description of the Siamese cats. That book was made between the 14th and 18th centuries which suggests that Siamese cats are a very old breed.

Do you own an Apricot Point Siamese?

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Instantly recognizable, with their sapphire blue eyes and pointed coat pattern, the Siamese has been a popular cat for many years. They can be quite demanding, wanting to be loved by their owner every second of the day and are often very vocal. They certainly love to be top cat!


Love, Lenny