Bengal Cat Colors and Patterns 101

Discover all the various Bengal cat colors and patterns before adopting one. There are three basic colors which are brown, snow and silver. These cats are like a dream come true, they are not only looking stunning, but they also combine the attitude of domestic cat in a leopard-looking appearance.

No matter the color or the pattern, the Bengal cats are known for their gorgeous looking and outgoing character. They are adventurous and tend to be curious which makes them the ideal pet for children thanks to their adaptable nature. Bengal cat colors come in a wide range as well as various patterns and shades.

The Brown Color Spectrum

Bengal cat colors and patterns

The brown coat of Bengal cats has the widest range of shades and patterns. A Bengal’s coat can be anywhere in that spectrum, even if it has a black tail tip, it is still considered as a brown coat.

Gray Brown

The gray-brown coat is one of the most beautiful coats of Bengal cats, basically, it has black markings. In most cases, these cats have one version of the Asian Leopard gene known as Apb. That creates a lovely contrast that makes the Bengal even more stunning. Sooner or later, Bengal breeders like their Bengal cats to have at least one black stripe on their face.

Sandy Brown

The sandy brown cats are not exactly gray, they are cool browns with a stunning coloring. These cats seem to look wilder than other Bengal cats.

Tawny Brown

Tawny or yellow tones add more warmth to the Bengal cat’s coat. This breed seems to be a moderate one in between; not too hot and not too cold. It carries the snow gene which makes the coloring bright and stunning. 


Brown is one of the most famous colors among Bengal cats, besides its beauty, it provides a sense of warmth and depth.


The sorrel is the last one on the brown spectrum list. It has reddish tones that differentiate it from the rest of the brown spectrum. It makes the Bengal cat’s coat look more stunning thanks to the hot color contrast. For many people, this is the best pattern they prefer among all the brown spectrum patterns. 

The Snow Color Spectrum

The snow color patterns were first introduced through Siamese and Burmese cats. They were registered as an official color so that the breeders would later produce the snow leopard color. 

The Seal Lynx

The Seal Lynx Bengal color comes from the Siamese cats. These cats are basically born totally white and their patterns start to develop and emerge as they grow old. The Seal Lynx is usually thought to be as the snow because of the least amount of contrast they have. They can be easily distinguished by their gorgeous blue eyes.

The Seal Mink

A Bengal cat has a Seal Mink coloring when it has a combination of a Seal Lynx gene with a Seal Sepia gene. Seal minks are born with a visible pattern and aqua green eyes that can also be gold. 

The Seal Sepia

The Seal Sepia color comes from a  hybrid to Burmese. These cats are born with visible patterns, and they have various ranges of colors from green to gold. Some cats can have a yellow-brown look while the others have a snow-like color. They are among the breeds with most beautiful rich contrast coats. 

Silver Bengal

Silver is the latest accepted color among the Bengal breed. The silver Bengal has a silver color, almost white, with some black markings on the body. 

The Bottom Line

The Bengal cat breed offers a rich range of stunning colors, shades, and patterns that make them among the most beautiful and outstanding-looking cats.

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