Black Melanistic Bengal Cat

black melanistic bengal cat

Who never had that dream of having or adopting a big feline? Which one was it? Was it a lion, a tiger, a cheetah, or a beautiful black panther?  Well, we are here to say that you can make your dream come true. Yes! But there is a slice modification, just replacing the big Black Panther with a smaller version. And why not? It is still a feline, black, but a panther is a little too scary. However, you are going to welcome the most stunning imitation of the black panther. Just like instead of the wild cat you are going to have the nicest, sweatiest, and most importantly a domestic one. Sounds good?

Called the Black Bengal or the Melanistic Bengal, this cat has the most outstanding and attractive appearance of a wild cat in a small size, which can be living with you in the same house. This cat has a marbled pattern, a black on black one, exactly like the Black Panther’s pattern. This standard is the responsible one for the markings on the coat of those felines.  

But let’s take this chance to introduce the breed properly. Diving into the solid black pattern of this cat, this gene that causes the masking effect probably arose from a domestic shorthair, Ocicats, Egyptian Maus, or Burmese. Mostly, the Breeding with solid Black Melanistic Bengals makes it impossible to predict the pattern that its offspring will show, that’s because of the tabby masking pattern.

 Complicated right? But this genetic miracle is what made a beautiful mini Black Panther. Shall we discover more about this breed?

What characterizes a Black Melanistic Bengal cat?

black melanistic bengal cat outside

Starting from the coat which is the highlight trait of this feline. A Black Bengal should have a very dark black with some markings that can range from dark grey to black. There should be extreme contrast, distinct shapes, and well-defined edges between the marks. The Melanistic Bengals should have ghost tabby markings and rosettes are a sight to behold, besides every other trait should be black except the eyes. This cat’s attractive eyes range from green, gold to hazel color. And those appealing shades are what make these feline eyes bold from its gleaming black coat.

The Black Bengals are the perfect combination of a wild looking cat and a muscular body. It maintains a long lean body and a long blunt muzzle, in addition to having an exceptionally silky and shiny coat. Thus, all those characters only accentuate the Black Panther like the look.  

Most people say that the Black Melanistic Bengals are quite rare, but that is not true. All is in the unusual appearance and the high color contrast of the markings, which can be so desired by all the breeders. Unfortunately, this quality is lucky to be bred, contributing to Black Bengals to be improbable.

What causes Melanistic (Black) in Bengals?

Well, the name of this charismatic cat didn’t come from dust. The melanin must have a big influence on the black one black pattern. To be more specific, the responsible factor of the melanistic pattern generally talking is the presence of the agouti gene. If the cat is a melanistic one, he has a non-agouti gene. The non-agouti gene is usually a recessive gene, contrarily to the agouti gene that is pretty dominant among cats.

So in order to produce this breed, it is important to mate two cats holding the non-agouti gene; Causing by that, the appearance of the melanistic offspring on the coat of the Black Bengals. And be careful to confuse the Melanistic Bengals with the Pantherette breed. The latest one is completely different; they are a hybrid breed of cat that is still under development. It is a new breed based on a Melanistic Bengals as one of the foundation breeds.

How to produce Melanistic/Black Bengal kittens?

Well, it is not easy to have a version of a Black Panther outdoor. However, it is also too delicate to produce such an amazing creature with wild physic. A shiny black coat, outstanding unique eyes, and a long lean body. We all are starving to know how Black Bengal kittens are produced.

As said before, the hero of the whole situation is the melanistic gene who is responsible for the color; Talking about the recessive gene of course. If both parents don’t have this stain, means the melanin, will not be able to transmit it. This means that the breeding will not be successful and the black in black appearance will be ruined.  Because a Melanistic Bengal cat must hold two copies of the non-agouti gene, placed on its DNA, and should be derived from each parent. This pattern is genetically recognized as (a/a).  

As for the parents, it is not necessary to have both gene copies previously. He may not be black; instead, he will be brown silver, snow, or blue. But no matter what the coat’s color is if he has received only one copy of that recessive gene. That should do!

And here we go, we know the process right? Let’s be sure now of the source and the origins of our Black Bengal kitten.

No one can deny that having a feline as beautiful as the black Bengal is such a big treasure. Because no matter what, this cat does really know its value.  From its outside beauty to some special physical characteristics, till a strong and amazing personality. The Black Bengals are really unique and special compared to the other cats. After all, it is not easy to be a little version of an elegant and aloof black panther. 

Now that you know that these cats do exist, what do you think? Did you make up your mind to pet them finally? Why not?  Having a mini Black Panther cat wandering around your house is pretty cool. Yes! That shows that you are a person interested in the wild, and with a luxurious and fancy taste. Just try to get in the vibe and imagine having a Melanistic Bengal kitten cat staring at you, then watching it grow in front of you. that’s so heartwarming.

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