All You Need to Know About Calico Maine Coon Cat

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Main coon cats, a very intriguing feline with a very exceptional history and background, the center of many myths and tails. Not only that, but these cats have some very impressive characteristics and beautiful physic. Let’s not be surprised seeing its biggest records and Guinness listings! However, the most attractive part of this breed is their personality. Those gentle giants are so affectionate and adorable that it makes it hard to just ignore them.

Then do you actually realize that the Main Coon Cats come in 84 colors and patterns variations? Amazing right? One of those beautiful species is the Calico Main Coon cats. These felines have a vibrant tri-colored coat that is so attractive and fancy. The Calico Maine Coon cats have unique markings, each cat is different than the others, this is certainly because of their unique breeding. Due to the complex genetics that produces calico, a Calico Maine Coon is considered the rarest, yet the most attractive among this breed.

Depending on a lot of breeders who specialize in this pattern, Calico Maine Coon cats are which originated from the New England region, but they‘re a US-based breed and referred to as “money cats”; who knows maybe it might be the sigh of a fortune!

Seeing that Maine Coons are surrounded by myths, the Calico ones are not an exception. In the Netherlands, they are considered as good luck especially males. In the Southeast Asia Japanese fishermen says that this breed brings protection and serenity because they are originally from «the blood of a young goddess born of a lotus flower”

Since everyone wants a special cat, they might end up taking the fake one. Don’t be surprised!  It’s quite common for a lot of owners to be wrong about the right breed of their Calico Maine Coon cats. Well, with all the range of colors and similarities, especially with tortoiseshell and tabby Maine Coons, it is hard to distinguish between them.

What characterizes a Calico Maine Coon cat?

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Those beautiful rare cats are bred in different colors, from the white base with patches of cream and orange or red, to many other different color spectrums. And because of his amazing colors on his coat, this breed is called Calico. So let’s cheer out to the genes, they made a miraculous work!

Because Calico Maine Coon cats are so special, you will never be able to find two cats with exact similar physical marks; even if they are twins. As much as the feature patterns, even the gender patterns are insanely unique. These big felines are almost always female, Even males are nearly always sterile. And here you can imagine yourself being in a kingdom surrounded just by female cats, no males included.

And for those who confuse Calicos with tortoiseshell Maine coon cats, well here is the thing. The tortoiseshells have an additional genetic pattern, known as piebald; which is having patches of a white fur in their coat. The colors that are present in their coat tend to be more mixed up, contrarily to the distinct patches that are in the Calico Maine Coon cats. So pay attention! No more complicity next time.

Common Variants of the Calico Pattern

Well, we know it now; Calico Maine Coon cats are very unique and special. But as an owner, it is a duty to dive into all the characteristics that are related to this feline. Because knowing your pet that is now your life partner, or will be in the nearest future, is as much important as knowing yourself. One of the initials is to differentiate between the Calico’s patterns, in order to know the genetics of your cat.

Dense Calico pattern

this variety of patterns is the most common and spread type. And that’s because this type consists of a mix of white, red and black; the triangle of colors that are the most dominant between all of the other patterns. And the spreading proportions differ from a cat to another depending on the genes. Some have more white fur and less red and black mix, others have the opposite, but it is certain that the white fur is always placed on the cat’s belly, bib and legs. After all, they’re all beautiful and elegant.

Those colors come in a different color spectrum, from red to orange to cinnamon to grey and black but all of those shades are concentrated. Of course, every coat is unique for its piebald.

Dilute Calico pattern

in this type, you are going to find the colors less intense and concentrated than the first case. This fact is not coming from anywhere, but the reason behind is of course nothing but the genes. So there are mostly three combinations:

  • White, Lilac, and Cream
  • White, Blue, and Cream
  • White, Fawn, and Cream

Basically, the red color becomes creamy and blue or grey instead of black, blue replaces the smoky gray and the cream becomes light red or yellow. Those beautiful combinations found in the dilute Calico Maine Coon cats are rare. And the magical genes spell who makes this miracle come true. 

Personality of a Calico Maine Coon cat 

We all know how Maine Coon cats are so adorable; they are known for the “gentle giants”. Well, they are sociable, friendly, and really different than the other cats that tend to have that aloof and independent character. And because of that, a lot of owners say that they have a dog-like personality.  As soon as a Main Coon notices you on the couch, he will jump over to get some cuddles and a lot of affection. And the Calico Maine Coons don’t make the exception.

As unique as their beauty, Calico Maine Coon cats have a very special character in terms of personality traits. They are so playful and friendly, with children or adults, you are always going to find him jumping around the house, being all energetic and active with butterflies, toys, whatever.  This breed is so intelligent and tends to learn very fast how to play, to swim, to hunt, or even to talk. Yes! They can more so wonder around you, watching you carefully and yet, answering you.

Because they belong to a family with a dog-like trait, Calico Maine Coon cats are too loyal. Those felines stick to their owners to death. In ups and downs, you will always find your cat next to you.

Calico Maine Coon size, and how they are rare

calico maine coon size

To begin with, there is no major difference, after all, Calico belongs to the big Maine Coon cat’s family. It is obvious that it will seem like having a big feline at home.

Weight: Calico Maine Coon cats hoover between 8 to 18 pounds generally talking, because the Maine Coons are usually in the range of 11 to 25 pounds. But if we are talking about gender differences, females are between 8 to 13 pounds, while males can arrive till 18 pounds. Still, watch out with your cat diet, it can develop obesity issues.

Length: for Calico’s females Maine Coons as for the male ones, they all do have the same length. It is usually between 19 to 30 inches from the head to the tail. However, to let you know, that often the tail of this breed takes half of the body length. Yes! It can go from 12 to 18 inches. This can allow them to maintain a good balance and a very beautiful look.

Height: well here let’s cheer for tall males, in terms of height they are the winners. Female’s Calico Maine Coons are between 10 to 14 inches. In the other hand, males can go to 16 inches. From head to shoulder, they are pretty tough!

Lifespan: the average lifespan of a Calico Maine Coon cat ranges anywhere from 9 to 20. And both genders are common. That’s insane, right! But let’s be a little bit realistic. A cat can’t live all this lifespan if they don’t have the proper care. The owner should really look after his cat’s health, by sticking to a good diet and paying attention to his condition.

Up till now, we’ve been repeating how much Calico Maine Coon cats are rare to be found and breaded. From their unique genetic that result in beautiful patterns, to their big size and physical characteristic, to their joyful personality and even the fact that they are considered a lucky sign. Because, for every 3000 Maine Coon kittens born with a calico coat, 2999 are females and just one is male. Apparently, you are already admiring Mother Nature and the beauty of its creatures.

Now that you realize that a Calico Maine Coon, is a first a Maine coon, with all that needs to integrate the family of big felines. However, if you have this tri-colored tiger or lion at home, consider yourself lucky, moreover if it is a male. It’s like you were chosen to lead a special life with a special companion.

Nevertheless, if you are searching for a Calico Maine Coon cat, pay attention. You should choose a very trustful breeder, and yet with very good knowledge and experience in this breed. This issue is very sensitive, but the adventure for searching for a particular cat is worth it. Try it, and you will never regret choosing the Calico Maine Coon cat.

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