Chocolate Point Siamese Cat 101

About Chocolate Point Siamese

Chocolate Point Siamese

Chocolate, very delicious food and a delicious color too! A chocolate point Siamese cat is so attractive. They have mostly white fur with chocolate-colored highlights on their face, ears, tail, paws, and nose. It’s a real heartstring!

When you think of this body color, you think of an ivory white without any kind of shading. And that causes a contrast effect between the points and the body. If you find one, then you are lucky cause this breed is rare.

Your cat’s ears should not be darker than the color masking its face, and the legs should appear paler than the Seal Point’s. Chocolates have nose leather and paw pads decorated with pinkish brown shades. In some cases, you may find a Chocolate Point with a warmer, cinnamon-like color. But in all cases, the body should be wrapped with milky ivory remaining pale for a lifetime.

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