Siamese cat cost can array between $250 to $800. They are a unique breed, which is originated from Thailand; their long legs, blue eyes, and huge ears characterize them. Other than their unique appearance, they are also friendly, sociable and playful. For some people, the Siamese cat is the top of the feline family. So they look to purchase a Siamese cat.

If you look to buy a Siamese cat, you should know that owning it is about not only the purchasing price but also the expenses that you will incur once you have it in your home.

Determining the cost of a Siamese cat is the purpose of this post, so here is what you need to know about the price of owning your Siamese cat, the estimated annual cost and where you get it.

Costs related to having a Siamese cat

You can expect a price ranging from $250 to $400 for an adult Siamese cat And from $600 to $800 for a kitten, In other words, the price varies depending on several factors: the major factor is the age: Siamese kittens cost more than adults Siamese, the reason is that some people look to get them as a small babies and seeing them growing up.

Basic annually costs related to a Siamese cat

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After buying your Siamese cat at the mentioned price, it does not end there. Several other costs will be engaged in a regular way, so here’s what you need to know about the estimated annual costs:


Which can depend on how old your Siamese cat or kitten and if they had health problems previously. You may wonder whether pet insurance for your Siamese cat is worth it, however, the average estimated cost of insurance is $350 whereas the healthcare costs are so high, and this leads the majority of cat owners to get pet insurance.

Cat food:

Providing good nutrition to your Siamese may cost you $1000 your Siamese cat need a variety of food for it to remain healthy. Kittens need more fat and protein for growth, it is also important to know that Siamese had sensitive stomachs, so they need also some dry food, etc, …

Litter box:

There are many styles and sizes of litter boxes, their prices depend on your choice: a simple one can cost $10 and a designed one can be above $50.

The best strategy to choose it is to see what your Siamese cat does when he or she uses the bathroom, and then choose a box based upon that. 

Health care:

Basics vaccination should be done once a life of a Siamese, but sometimes Health Exams; Dental checkups; Flea control may cost between $80 and $500 even though that may depend on the veterinary.


It is important for your cat’s entertainment, without that your Siamese can get bored. So, providing a yarn ball or a laser toy will cost $3.99.


Occasionally, your Siamese cat needs a little grooming: it is about a haircut, brush out, bath, nail trimming, and ear cleaning;

Cat nails can be a painful mission if you have an active one, you may probably do it on a pet salon it would cost a minimum of $10.

Cats need some washing when it is necessary, human shampoos may irritate your cat’s skin with their chemical contains, so for their baths it is essential to get a shampoo that was made especially for cats, a bottle cost around $7.

If you prefer that you Siamese get groomed at a grooming salon, then know that grooming services would cost you about $35 to $60.

Where to buy a Siamese cat?

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Before you start looking for Siamese cat breeders, it is recommended to think about the huge number of homeless cats that are purebred, So you can save its life by rescue it, without any owning costs.

Also, adopting a Siamese kitten from a shelter may not be a big purchase, let me tell you that there are animal shelters and rescues that focus specifically on finding great homes for Siamese kittens. You may pay less to get yours.

If you are still thinking of buying a Siamese cat, so it is crucial for you to look for a reputable breeder (you’ll find a great list of reputable breeders here), you may ask why, but it is necessary to verify that the breeder you’re purchasing from does genetic testing of their animals, a health conditions and make sure that the breeder accept to take back the cat if it can’t get accustomed to its new house.

In conclusion

With the information above you are informed about how much it will cost to purchase and maintain a Siamese cat or kitten, but remember that those costs estimated can easily vary depending on the location, the quality of the cat and other factors, 

You may ride more than a couple of hundred miles for purposes of finding a reputable breeder and purchasing a purebred and affectionate Siamese cat, so keep in mind that Siamese cats always crave for your attention. When getting this breed, make sure to not leave it at home for long periods of time. They want to be involved in most of your activities so try to give it more attention than you do with other feline breeds.