Can you guess an animal who can be Fluffy, cute, lovely, friendly and affectionate but also rebellion, arrogant, aloof and lazy at the same time? …… Yes, they exist……. Cats.

Lately, many factors had landed human’s sensitivity towards people around them into collapse as a drawback. Searching for emotional satisfaction, animals have helped to find affection. Choices in these situations are quite related to cats.

“Meow”, right, cause, who cannot resist passing by a cat without petting or at least staring at their beautiful charismatic existence. Melting by their catchy eyes and their cute sounds.

But, can you realize that cats can give different vibe depending on which breed it is and its personality. So basically, choosing your cat or felling for it is the same thing as with the partner of your life, it has to match, or maybe just that tiny attraction that happens for the first time that matters?  However it is, meow is in the air.

But do you actually imagine that there are cats who are known as drama queens? The lynx point Siamese cats. These cats are graceful, intelligent, and beautiful, and they clearly know it! Which explains it is all.

So lets deep dive into their history to understand those speeches and explore their beauty.

Meow 1: The History and Characteristics of a Lynx Point Siamese

Starting from the 1940s, where, the cross-breeding had begun but it was not that serious a business. 20 years later, the breed officially appeared. The lynx Siamese came to be from accidental breeding of a purebred seal point Siamese with a domesticated tabby. The kitten from this mating was then crossed with another purebred Seal Point cat, resulting in the first Seal Tabby Point Siamese cat. Siamese and Tabbies, the perfect mating for a special distinctive cat with beautiful markings on their body,  which is similar to that of the wild lynx, but they are no way linked to each other.

But that’s not their only characteristic; the grace of their body is way above that. The lynx point Siamese cat is known to have well-defined stripes mostly around their legs, eyes, and cheeks, and their tails are marked with various rings of color. The body color of a kitten lynx point would be mostly pale but it would also start to darken with age hence showing off the stripes while remaining in the same range of colors to the other Siamese breed. Did you fall for their charm? Not yet?

Then, how about being in a variety of colors especially apricot, cinnamon, red, caramel apart from their four major points blue, lilac, seal, and chocolate. These cats have an “M” shaped marking on their forehead along with spotted whisker pads, while their ears are mostly outlined with the color of the stripes on the face. The central area is mostly pale colored that would at times look like a thumbprint. So elegant right!

Meow 2: Personality-wise of a Lynx Point

Lynx Point Siamese cat

The fun part that you may be unaware of, is the delightful personality of the lynx point Siamese cats. You may be surprised to see how loyal, lovely, playful and how intelligent they can be.

The Lynx Point is a people-oriented and very social breed that means that they get along with pretty much everyone that gives them the time of day, including other pets. They are very affectionate and tend to hover around people to gain attention. They love to be cuddled as well, hence be careful of lifting them alone especially for longer durations, they may become sad!

What is sure is that they will never let you feel lonely. The lynx point cats are quite vocal and talkative, they will try so hard telling stories and chatting away with you, so good luck for you then, because they will not stop until you get it! All you need is to speak to them in an affectionate language and praise them from time to time especially when they have done some good work or completed their training. You can also present them with their favorite treats, from time to time, once they complete a certain task.

As for the curious nature, those cats are very entertaining and lively and will enjoy poking their nose into pretty much everything. As well as they are so smart, clever and intelligent, they can be trained for various games such as fetching, cause who needs a typical pet anyway, lynx point Siamese are unique.

Meow 3: Special Cat, Special Name.

Should we call them Lynx Point Siamese or Tabby Point Siamese cat, meow!!! Same cat, different names.

Technically talking, there is no such thing as “Lynx Point Siamese Cat”. Based on cats associations, this breed is classified differently: The American Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) refers to a Siamese-type cat with lynx markings as a Lynx Color Point Shorthair, they list six kinds of them Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Red, and Cream. As for the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in the UK (GCCF) calls the same kind of cat a Tabby Point Siamese, they list ten types of Tabby Point; the six listed above, plus Cinnamon, Caramel, Fawn and Apricot.

With all what’s going on around us, all that world’s big phenomenon, this much amount of daily stress and routine, it kills every little wisp of energy that we could have. Tired, drained, going through a depression or having anxiety issues is becoming normal disorders, and the amount of people dealing with such syndromes is getting higher and higher every day.

 Studies have shown that, it is just by watching cat videos that a person’s energy can be boosted and creating positive emotions. Then what about having a lynx point Siamese itself, ready to help you out throughout all your hardship, yes! They can serve you as social support during difficult times by having a whole discussion about your bad days, and maybe receiving some advice too, who knows. A lynx point will also lower your stress level and anxiety in your life because petting has a positive calming effect, and that’s all that the lynx needs to feel loved and give affection too. Thus, having those cats will definitively help you get some better quality sleep.

See! So lynx point Siamese cats are quite superheroes, right?  Saving our lives and helping us get better in life, they are goals for a long beautiful partnership. Are you now excited to get your lynx cat, then go check online in the or adopt your cat from

What are you waiting for? You’re about to hear the first meow in your house really soon.