What Makes Siamese Cats So Affectionate? Can they be mean?

why are siamese cats so affectionate?
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Cats! The exact definition of rebellion, arrogant, aloof and lazy. Or that’s at least what some people think. But do you think its right? If yes, why they are living with us in the first place? They will be better at taking their independence once and for all. But no! Cats, when they appreciate a person they stick to him for life. They care mostly about the personality and the attention given. Many people think that only by giving food to cats they will approach you. Sorry about that, but that’s not the case. The first thing that a cat can sense is feelings, and once she believes that she’s not welcomed even if there is food, she will run away.

But no one can deny that cats are a great source of affection. They might show it in their own way though! Expressing affection is different not only for cats but also for us, humans. Some give it through expressions; some via touches like cuddles or hugs, and others show it through actions. Some people even show it in the opposite way, like picking up on someone or arguing with him. And that’s exactly the same thing for cats. They differ from a breed to another; some breeds can even be extra affectionate too. And one of these breeds is the Siamese cats.

These cats are very affectionate, they tend to be fluffy, loving, trustful and enjoy Humans Company. And do you actually realize how much they can be depressed and sad if they are left alone?

Let’s have a look at how they show their affection and what you should know about their separation anxiety.

Why are Siamese cats so affectionate?

Why are Siamese cats so affectionate

One thing is for sure. It’s not a sudden, it’s a fact. Affection is a big personality trait of the Siamese cats. They need human companionship and attention, and they will make sure they get it. Completely just like dogs, they can grow depressed or even self-destructive if left alone for extended periods of time.

Some people ask if Siamese cats can be stubborn and jealous. Well, yes. And easily offended too! It’s not uncommon for a Siamese cat to ignore a family member for a few days, because they didn’t give it the attention he wanted, when wanted. Siamese cats need just as much love as they put out. Compared to other breeds, they aren’t very independent. Therefore, Siamese cats need owners who will be there to show them all the love that they want.

However, there may be some factors that can affect how affectionate a cat may be, such as their environment, socialization, and whether they are spayed. In this state, a whole combination plays together to bring up an affectionate cat, not only the breed.

How do Siamese cats show their affection?

As said earlier Siamese cats are a real source of affection, just like dogs. Yet, they can be very sophisticated when it comes to expressing their love. Sometimes it can be even overlooked. Because unlike dogs that shower you with sloppy kisses and wagging tails. Cats, on the other hand, show their love to their human companions in a very restrained manner.

In order to show you that they love you. Siamese will try to play, cuddle, sit on your lap or even speak to you as a way to say that they miss you, probably. Here are some signs of cat affection that every Siamese cat parent should know.


There is a quote that says: “Eyes speak the unsaid words. Eyes express feelings. Eyes convey emotions”. So like humans, cats show affection with their eyes. They can’t help it, because eyes can’t lie.

So if you catch your Siamese cat looking at you with half-closed eyes and blinking slowly, then that’s it; love. Yes, blinking is a sure-fire sign that your feline friend trusts you and enjoys being with you.

2.     KISSING:

Well, yes cats do give kisses, but not the normal ones that you know. Absolutely not! Cat kisses are these slow blinks that a cat does when she loves you. So basically, if your cat is staring at you and slowly blinking, that means they kissed you! Meow. And you can even slowly blink back at your cat to offer your own love, showing your cat that they are loved and safe around you. Who knows, your cat may even respond with more kisses.


While you may think that your cat biting you means they don’t like you, it’s often a sign of the opposite. When a cat truly cares for someone, they might show this through gentle “love bites”. Because in love, kisses are not always enough. You will need way more than that. And that’s trough biting. They normally do this with your hand when you’re petting them, as an indication that they don’t want you to take your hand away.


Siamese cats can express their affection by rubbing their cheeks. They are trying so much to steal your attention by squeezing their cheeks to look cute. Apart from being a sign of affection, cheek rubs also signify an invitation for socializing. It’s like their way of saying “Hey, I like you so much. Can we cuddle?”

Cats, in general, have numerous scent glands on their cheeks that produce pheromones. Rubbing their cheeks and mingling their scent with their human companions, is their way of marking their “ownership”.


If you’ve ever found yourself wrapped up in the tail of your feline friend, don’t take that moment to be annoyed. Instead, be appreciative. They’re showing you love! This is the cat equivalent to humans holding hands. If your cat feels comfortable enough to wrap their tail around you, it’s a sign of “true friendship, love, and trust.”

Siamese cats just like dogs convey their emotions through their tails. When combined with body language and other mannerisms, they can communicate a range of emotions from fear and rage to affection and exhilaration.

6.     LICKING

Cats groom other cats close to them by licking their fur, and humans are not exempt from this sign of affection. Cats hold a lot of power in their tongues; their lick can indicate a multitude of things. Cats may lick their owners to let them know they want their attention, perhaps to play or be pet. But they could also be trying to clean you, which is a behavior they do to bond. On top of all that, licking is often a sign that a cat is calm around you, meaning they love you.

Apart from making them feel relaxed, grooming enables them to share their scent with their closest buddies. So, if you notice your Siamese cat licking your skin or even nibbling on your clothing, don’t shoot them away. It’s your cat’s way of saying “I like you”.

7.     PURRING

Some people are not touched by acts but more by expressions. Don’t worry your cat will tell you this. Cats also express their affection vocally. Siamese cats, in particular, are very vocal cats. They purr, they trill, they chirp. They will try to make these sweet sounds to communicate affection and trust. And these sounds of affection are unique from a cat to another.

Of course, all cats purr, and it can mean a lot of things, but when accompanied by affectionate body language, then it’s a surefire sign that your cat is fond of you.

8.     PAWING

To mark their scent on you, cats do rub their cheeks on you. The main reason behind this is that they have scent glands in their cheeks, and they are trying to emit their pheromones on you. Another place cats have these scent glands is? Their paws… When they caress you with their paws, that’s another chance for them to get their scent on you.

Cats also can knead you to show you that they need you. The act of kneading is where cats push forward with their front paws, alternating between left and right. It’s an act they start doing as kittens when nursing, so it’s a motion that reminds them of a “time when they felt content.”


Like said before, owning a Siamese cat is like owning a dog. Siamese cats show their affection by following their human companions everywhere they go. And this goes even for the bathroom! A cat that trusts you and enjoys your company will cling to you like glue.

However, it’s also your Siamese cat’s subtle way of telling you that he or she is more important than anything else that you’re doing. And maybe an act of missing you too!

Which Siamese cat gender is more affectionate?

Till here the reason behind this sudden affection is nothing but being etched in the character. However, the majority of Siamese owners say that there is a difference between the male and the female. The male Siamese cat tends to be more affectionate than their female counterparts. They are cuddlier and more into physical interactions than females.

Simply because, females tend to have more character; but still they do show affection as much as the males, in their own ways at least. It may just be more challenging to win over their affection in the beginning!

On the other hand, there are owners of both male and female Siamese cats that say their female felines are more affectionate. So ultimately, it still boils down to the cat’s individual personality and how he was brought up.

How to communicate with your Siamese Cat?

Since cats can’t talk, we can’t really know what they want to tell us. Still, it doesn’t mean that they don’t communicate with us. Those beautiful creatures are really intelligent; they use an eloquent body language to communicate their needs.

The elements mentioned above, are really useful to know the affection that your cat is trying to show you. Besides love, you might really want to know what’s inside your cat’s head, right? Then let’s start.

First the tail; you can tell a lot about how cats are feeling by looking at their tail. If your cat is swishing or wiggling her tail, it means that she is trying to be playful; slashing or whipping it, be careful she’s on guard, she’s angry and ready to attack! As for slow swishing or twitching the tail, it’s nothing else but watching something really exciting for your cat, and once it’s twitched up that means she’s curious. While if the tail is straight up, held up high your cat is waving “hi” to you. However, if the tail is tucked down between the legs, it means that your cat is feeling scared and powerless. Or if it’s puffed up and bristly, look out! Your cat is telling you, I’m extremely upset and alarmed!

Secondly the ears; if your cat is moving her ears it’s one of the two possibilities. Whether the ears are bothering her, so it should be treated properly, or she’s miffed about something. If the earns are turned sideways or back, it means your cat is angry. And once it’s pressed flat against the head, it means that your cat is scared, and he needs you. But if the ears are turned forward, that’s a sign that your cat is interested, happy or playful.

Well, and there are more ways that your cats use to communicate with you, as the vocalization. Soft meows indicate a hello, medium ones indicate a hello and some level of demand, and a big meow means business, buster.

Also, the eyes and the body too, so in general you should admire the whole creature to know what’s going on. Still, the behavior of your cat doesn’t depend on its instinct, but on the way she was raised and its personality.

Having a Siamese cat at home it’s like having a baby. It needs the exact amount of care, attention, and affection. While growing at home you need to analyze the behaviors of your cat and try to understand every signal to be able to communicate with her. This way your cat will grow found of you and will always be close to your heart, and of course close to each other.

Yet, it’s really important to give her love back and pay attention to her; because Siamese cats can be easily affected. They can go through depression or anxiety due to your careless attitude or by letting them alone for a long time. So, give love to receive it back!

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