The Bengal Cat Behavior and Personality

The Bengal cats are very intelligent animals known by their leopard-like look and being a little wild. They are incredibly active and playful with a gentle temperament. As a matter of fact, Bengal cats have become incredibly famous recently. Actually, it is one of the most famous cat breeds in the entire world. The Bengal cats look like wild cats, however, they have the attitude of domestic cats. Bengal cats take their name from the Asian leopard cat’s scientific name, Felis Bengalensis.

Bengal cats are very intelligent and able to create certain ways to communicate with you so you can answer their needs or wishes. On the other hand, there are certain Bengal cat behavior problems that may be caused due to this way of communication. Thus, it is extremely important to understand what your cat is trying to tell you or what they need from you rather than pushing them away or punishing them.

The Bengal cat behavior

The first thing that will attract your attention to the Bengal cats is their leopard-like appearance! In order to understand your cat’s behaviors, you need to learn more about their personality. The Bengals are so much fun to live with, they are extremely intelligent, curious, outgoing and active cats. If you won’t be able to have fun with your Bengal, plan to get two, not just one, and they will manage to have fun on their own. Otherwise, they could be destructive as they are able to destroy things if they feel bored.

Bengals love their humans, and they will literally do anything to get their attention. On top of that, they are stubborn, for example, if they find out that you do not like a certain attitude such as jumping on the kitchen counter or scratching some sofas, they will do it even more. Besides, they like to take things away and hide them so make sure to keep your precious things away from them.

More insights on the differences between Male and Female Personalities

First things first, whether you choose to get or already have a male or female Bengal, you will need to keep this important information in mind. The differences between male and female Bengals are not big, however, there are certain differences you will find clearly.

A male Bengal is more sexually driven so a fixed male does not have any real role. In the same case in the wild, a group of male lions or tigers will work together if the female is absent. This explains why male Bengals tend to lay back more!

On the other hand, a female Bengal is not sexually driven. They mainly develop strong maternal drives and act according to this nature.

How to Treat a Bengal Cat?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that every cat is an individual but in general, Bengals get along with other pets including dogs, other Bengals and more. They make perfect pets for homes with old children who know how to play and entertain them.

Bengal cats love to climb and jump off high places so make sure you provide them with window perches. They have no limits so expect them to join your bathtub or your quick shower. Some Bengal parents decided to install a motion-sensitive faucet in their kitchen so their Bengals can turn the water on and off to enjoy themselves. You may consider this idea as well! 

The Bottom Line

Your cat is special no matter what their breed is, however some breeds need more attention and care than the others. What makes Bengal cats a good choice is that they get along with the other pets you have whether cats or dogs as well as being easy-going with children and senior people.

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