The Maine Coon Lion Cut – Shaving a Maine Coon Cat Pros and Cons

Today, cat grooming services already offer you several styles of discounts which you can pick from.

Although your cat will nonetheless shed, they will shed shorter hair, so it is likely that you’ll find that there are fewer fuzzy tumbleweeds around your house.

Keep in mind that in order to take care of a Maine Coon cat hair, it is essential to brush its hair three times per week with a brush specifically made for long-haired cats.

There are a lot of pros related to giving your cat a lion cut.

On another note, finding the suitable Maine Coon for sale in a suitable time and cost is almost impossible. But I promise from personal experience that it’s well worth it. You will technically be in a position to have a true mini-lion in your house.

Reasons, why you may want to get your cat a haircut, depend on whether you want to “show” your cat or simply to have a well-groomed cat in your home.

Other individuals think that shaving can compromise the standard of your Maine Coon’s hair and their hair will not grow the same way again.

Keep in mind that groomers aren’t vets and shouldn’t be administering drugs to cats for a number of reasons.

No one can afford to jeopardize the security or well-being of their kittens, as a way to please people who will see it or a potential buyer.

Important considerations to take before cut your Maine Coon cat hair

These cats possess the most luxurious coat if well treated, well-groomed and kept healthy.

Contemplating the fact that nearly all cats are much from mellow pets, lion cut should be carried out by people who know precisely what they’re doing.

Realize, however, your cat might not need a haircut and maybe less than cooperative.

There are a lot of pros connected with providing your Maine Coon cat a lion cut.

The ideal way to prevent matting is to brush your pet 1-2 times each day together with a strict grooming program.

By saving money on grooming, you set your cat’s health in danger and might wind up with a massive vet bill.

Before getting them the haircut, think of whether you are a busy person or not. If you have free time, then you yourself can regularly trim their hair instead of getting the lion cut.

Also, reflect on whether your cat stays indoors or goes out. If it goes out a lot then it is a bad idea to get them the lion cut since it will put them to more risk.

The Maine Coon lion cut may, in some specific conditions, be a very good thing. It can help reduce dandruff.

The lion cut Pros and Cons

maine coon lion cut


Easier maintenance. Cats with lengthier hair can be a pain in the neck to groom and take care of. A cat with shorter hair is a lot easier to groom and you can use just about any brush on it.

Get rid of mats. Cats who find problems grooming themselves or being groomed by their owners risk the possibility of their fur developing mats. These mats can be dangerous and may even open some wounds in the cat’s skin.


Sunburn risks. Cutting your cat’s hair short can expose their skin to the sun rays. This can cause many health issues such as irritated skin and sunburns.

Expenses. Keeping your cat well-groomed and continuously getting them a lion cut can be a bit expensive in the long run. Consider this before you make a decision.


There are many reasons why you might want to get a lion cut for your cat. And there are other reasons why you may think it is a bad idea.

But there are some precautions you need to take if you decide to give them the famous haircut.

Make sure you keep your cat indoors for all year round, so they don’t risk getting hurt in any way after getting their fur trimmed. It is their fur after all that protects their skin from many dangers.

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