The Siamese Cat Behavior and Personality Traits Guide

The Siamese is a sophisticated cat breed with an elegant look. The Siamese cat has its own personality, it has its own desires. Their coat is short and they have amazing blue eyes. The beauty of the Siamese cat comes from the smoothness of their body and the amazing contrast between their body color and their eye color.

The color of the fur on the ears, tail, and feet are different; it is not the same color that on the rest of their body. It gets gradually darker and blends perfectly with the lighter color of the rest of the body. Moreover, their face features a mask of the darker color covering the face, surrounding the eyes and the whisker pads as well.

Siamese Personality and Temperament

Smart Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is not only good-looking, but they are extremely intelligent. These cats can be trained, however, they can not be trained to do everything you wish for.

Siamese cats are very affectionate and need their human parents to be devoted to them, take care of them and cut off time to hang out with them. They make a perfect choice for a family with children, and they love the playtime so much. In order to satisfy your cat’s needs and desires, make sure you provide them with toys to keep them entertained and active.

Siamese cats are incredibly curious and demanding at the same time. They are more than their good looks; they have passion for their people and appreciate family time. They tend to involve themselves in what their humans are doing, they like to be part of what’s going on, and they usually seek entertainment. Even when their humans are not around, these cats can entertain themselves for hours.

The Personality of the Male and Female Siamese

The main difference between male and female Siamese cats is their gender. They are both loyal, easy-going and affectionate. However, there are certain differences between male and female Siamese cats behavior as the following:


Female Siamese cats are more affectionate and caring due to the fact that they can give birth to kittens and becoming mothers. They tend to find security and protection for their new-born kittens. For that specific reason, their main focus is on their human parents and family more than their own selves because they feel like they are part of the big family.

On the other hand, male cats may show loyalty and affection towards their human parents. However, their main focus is on pleasing their human parents thus they may seem to be more loving than the female ones. 

Heat Period Changes

Siamese cat behavior in heat days is aggressive

One of the most obvious differences between Siamese male and female cats is their reaction while they are in heat. Male tends to become very aggressive; they scratch, fight, hiss and mark their territory unconditionally. On the other hand, female cats while in heat tend to become more vocal.

Territorial Behavior

The male Siamese, even when they are not in heat, tend to mark their territory and protect their home and its surroundings without any conditions. While female Siamese cats are less protective over their home and its surroundings.

However, not all Siamese females are easy going when it comes to protecting their territories. For instance, a female Siamese tends to mark its place and protect t from other animals or people as well.

The Bottom Line

Siamese cats behavior makes easy-going, playful pets with elegant looks. They are extremely affectionate and most loyal to their human owners. They make a good pet for you if you can understand, take care of them and satisfy their needs.

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