For cat lovers, cats can end up being a real part of the family, not just a pet. We want them to stay with us as long as possible. Luckily, they Sphynx cats are among the top 10 cat breeds that live the longest. On average, the lifespan of Sphynx cats ranges between 8 and 15 years. There is a lot of information that we will explore in this article.

What prolongs a Sphynx cat lifespan?

What is the Average Sphynx Cat Lifespan? 1

We know because you love your cats so much and care about them, you want to make sure they are healthy and will live for a long time. However, there are certain health concerns that you should keep in mind.

Much of what you can do to prolong a Sphynx cat life span is to take care of their diet and health. Watch your cat’s diet and make sure they get enough exercise and brush their teeth on a regular basis. On top of that, make sure they get their vaccinations regularly and on time. The medical examinations are necessary for general check-ups and detecting diseases that could threaten your pet’s life.

Start with building routine care and schedule to help your Sphynx cat stay healthy and live longer. In general, there are certain factors you should focus on as the following list:

  • Give your Sphynx cat weekly bathing and sponging their coat to prevent oil from building upon their skin. 
  • Make sure your Sphynx cat stays indoors, so keep your doors closed. By doing this, you will protect them from getting diseases, getting into troubles or getting into fights with stray animals.
  • Keep your cat active by engaging them with entertaining toys.
  • In general, Sphynx cats have serious problems with their teeth so brushing their teeth two to three times per week is a must!
  • Checking their ears is also essential. Make sure to check for wax or any signs of infection because that could refer to a potential health problem.
  • Provide them with a clean litter box and make sure it is clean all the time
  • Make sure your cat stays well-hydrated by providing clean and freshwater for them. So keeping an adequate amount of water in an easily accessible bowl or a flowing fountain. 

Important Factors You should Care For

What is the Average Sphynx Cat Lifespan? 2


Sphynx cat breeders notice that there is a high potential for these cats to gain weight. So, make sure you keep your pet on a good weight by feeding them well-balanced food.

Activity Level

So many Sphynx breeders note that these cats are extremely curious and that could put them in danger or troubles. In order to minimize the risk of potential harm, it’s advised to keep them indoors as much as possible.


Due to the fact, these cats are hairless, their skin absorbs amounts of oils that can be trapped by their fur. Therefore, giving them a bath on a weekly basis is a must. 

Health Problems

The sun exposure is important, however, much of it could be dangerous. Limit their sun exposure because they can get sunburns easily!

What shortens a Sphynx cat life expectancy?

What is the Average Sphynx Cat Lifespan? 3

Knowing the common health concerns among Sphynx cats will help you create a protective health plan for your cat. The concerns and medical conditions we are going to list here have an increasing rate of affecting this breed. Don’t worry, this does not mean your cat will have these problems as well, but that means they are at risk more than other cats.

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is the most common heart problem diagnosis in cats and it has a negative effect on the Sphynx cats. It leads to a thick pump muscle causing problems in breathing. Unfortunately, it can not be cured but the good news is that a good vet can improve a cat’s quality of life. 
  • Hereditary Myopathy is a condition that leads to weakness in muscles and difficulties in walking. Luckily, cats can have a longer lifespan with the assistance of a good expert. 
  • Digestive Problems as Sphynx cats tend to be more exposed to a wide range of gastrointestinal problems. The majority of cats tend to clear up quickly, however, the rest need much longer treatment. 
  • Ocular Infection even if you are keen to keep your cat’s eyes clean, their eyes could catch infection easily. Treatments generally include drops but some cases require therapy for a longer time.
  • Kitten hood Respiratory Issues due to their lack of hair, Sphynx kittens can be victims of lung infections and other respiratory issues in general. Detecting them early and getting the right treatment plays a key role in helping your kitten overcome this health problem. 
  • Skin conditions can also affect the Sphynx cat’s quality of life. There are certain conditions such as Urticaria Pigmentosa, Cutaneous Mastocytosis, and Periodontal Disease.

General Facts on Sphynx Cats You Should Know

The Sphynx cat is a very interesting breed, and here are some facts you should know about them: 

  • The Sphynx cat is not really hairless, they are covered in a coat of down. Actually, their skin texture seems like chamois leather.
  • They like to keep themselves warm by rubbing against other animals and cuddling with their humans as a way of getting warmth from others. 
  • An adult Sphynx cat weighs around 6 to 12 pounds (5.44 kg).

Sphynx cats make the perfect choice for cat lovers who have an allergy to a cat’s hair. Being hairless means they always need something to keep them warm in cold weather. They should be bathed on a regular basis to prevent oils from building upon their skin.